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About the CEO

(Hamed Khaledi, Ph.D.)


Dr. Khaledi is an institutional economist and experimental data scientist working on Distributed Governance, Collective Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). He uses Response Surface Methodology, Online Experimentation, and Agent-Based Simulation to evaluate and compare different Collective Intelligence protocols and DAOs.

He has designed and experimented with different Collective Design protocols at the University of Texas at Austin (as the Principal Investigator) and the Michigan State University (as the Researcher). He is the designer and the Editor in Chief (scaffolder) of PaperScore, the first Decentralized Autonomous Journal (DAJ). He is also the CEO of TeammateMe, a Global Team Building Platform.

He has been a member of the Association of Information Systems, the Financial Management Association, the System Dynamics Society, the Decision Sciences Institute, and the INFORMS. He has delivered speeches in several conferences and seminars around the United States.

The primary objective of Texas Blockchain Center LLC is to help individuals and businesses to materialize and operationalize their innovative e-business ideas efficiently in a short time. The secondary objective is to leverage information technology to enhance corporate governance and business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. The main focus is on the digitization and decentralization of operational and decision-making processes in organizations. To this end, Dr. Khaledi and his professional team help individuals and organizations to advance their strategic goals by effectively utilizing advanced financial technologies such as Enterprise (Permissioned) Blockchains, Smart Contracts, Collective Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence .


Education and Academic Positions


Finance Visiting Scholar (Sep '19 - Aug '20)

> Principal Investigator for Experiments on Distributed Governance

Visiting Assist. Professor (Aug '18 - Aug '19)

> Instructor for Database Management (2 sections)

> Instructor for Intro to IT Management (2 sections)

> Principal Investigator for Experiments on Distributed Governance



PhD in MIS (Aug '13 - Aug '18)

> Instructor for Business Analytics and IT (2 sections)

> GA for MBA Executive Lectures (4 sections)

> TA for Business Analytics and IT (12 sections)

> Researcher for Experiments on Distributed Governance



MSc in Industrial Engineering (Aug '04 - Oct '06)

> Developed a MATALB software to simulate firm as a nexus of contracts

> Top of the Class 2006


Publications and Research Projects

Khaledi, H. 2018. Making the Most out of Speculative Market Forecasts. INFORMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona.

Khaledi, H. 2018. E-Constitutions: Conceptualization, Theory, Design Model and Experimental Evaluations. PhD Dissertation. Michigan State University, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 10792537.

Khaledi, H. 2017. An Agency Model Free from the Utility Theory. 48th Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute, Washington DC.

Khaledi, H. 2015. A Generic System Dynamics Model of Firm Internal Processes. 33rd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Boston MA.

Pentland, B., Haerem, T., Khaledi, H. 2014. Using Action Networks to Detect Change in Repetitive Patterns of Action. ICIS, Auckland New Zealand.

Khaledi, H., Reisi-Nafchi, M. 2012. Dynamic Production Planning Model: A Dynamic Programming Approach. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. 67, pp. 1675–1681.

Khaledi, H. 2008. Programming Dynamic Programmers using Inverse Nash Equilibrium. Seasonal Journal of Industrial Engineering (ISSN 5221-1560), Vol. 44, pp. 62-73.
Khaledi, H. Corporate Governance Free from Corporate Governors. Under Review.*

Khaledi, H., Grabski, S. E-Constitutions: A Unified Architecture for Governance. Work in Progress.

Khaledi, H. Governance as Collective Design. Under Review.*
Khaledi, H. Methods, Systems, and Apparatus for Automated Governance. (NonProvisional) US Patent Application: 17152616, Patent Pending.

Khaledi, H. Method and Apparatus for Decentralized Evaluation of Papers, Articles, Artifacts, and Designs. US Patent Application: 63151798, Patent Pending.
* Web application for online experiments: /Hamed.Khaledi

Consultation Services

FinTech, DeFi, Blockchain Protocols, Smart Contracts, DAOs, Collective Intelligence Protocols.

Database Design and Development, Full Stack Web Development, DApp Development.

Data Analytics, Multivariate Statistics, Optimization, Agent-Based Simulation.

Research Design, Experimental Design, A/B Testing, Response Surface Methodology.

Dr. Khaledi and his students

Dr. Khaledi's Teaching Statement